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Preaching and teaching can transform the hearts of people and allow them to live their lives in the freedom that God intended. Then what must preaching and teaching involve? Who must be at the table to experience the scripture that can effect change? How do we experience the scripture?
Due to the history of hurts and disappointments, a root of bitterness can develop in a person, community, or a congregation that can cause them to stagnate. Conflict that has taken place between laity and clergy, among parishioners, and among families has led to a lack of trust and feelings of betrayal. These issues present themselves as the congregation or family tries to move forward together.
Healing needs to take place on many levels, but it must begin with forgiveness. Therefore, focusing sermons, small-group learning, and Bible study on forgiveness can bring about healing and wholeness resulting in healthier individuals, families, congregations, and communities.