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Our nation is in a state of moral decay where violence, racial conflict, and political polarization are the norm. We are in a quandary about where to go from here.
This book empowers preachers, teachers, and facilitators to affect change in their areas of influence that can lead to widespread transformation. As you read, you’ll learn how to:
• live in community with others;
• acknowledge pain from the past;
• embrace the idea of forgiveness;
• settle and resolve differences with others.
When preaching forgiveness, the lesson that is to be learned is that once we have faced the pain of the past, it must be accepted for what it is, processed, and then released. Holding onto that pain and bitterness only hinders us from being able to live in the now and to prepare for the future.
Move beyond talk and step into a new future created together with the lessons in Healing a Broken Nation.